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Hello, and welcome to Hot Rod Audio. We have dedicated this site to those whom are trying to create a high end audio system without breaking the bank.

We sell better sound, not a parts list. Learn more.

Each piece of modded gear receives a 2 year unconditional warranty to original purchaser. Stock units retain full factory warranty.

Yeah, exactly.
No shipping charges...ever.

We'll even mod your current unit! Contact us to discuss how we can breathe new life into a component that you own.

We have been in the high end audio hobby and its collateral manufacturing industry for many years. During our years we have developed trained eyes and ears to scrutinize our audio designs as well as others. It has become second nature for us to realize where the best value versus price exists in the high end marketplace. In order to fully achieve top performance of the products we have chosen, we review the circuit and make changes. Our head tech Jerry Robinson has been working on high end audio circuits for over 30 years with an emphasis on tube circuit design.

As you will see, we offer three separate versions of each piece. The Stock Unit for those who don't want anyone's hands in their equipment except their own. The Reference Level modification which includes our most significant upgrades, and then the Reference Level Plus where we add the final touch to the mod for those who want the unit in the highest quality modified form.