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You don’t need to spend an arm and a leg buying audio gear - you just need to know what to look for - and that’s why we are here.

Rather than offer a million and one products and have you try to decipher which is best, for the most part we have picked our favorite products in each particular area. This comes after much buying and trying the gear ourselves. Then we mod and mod again until we get it perfect in our ears. Most people who hear our mods like our listening taste as well. We aim the products at sounding “natural” and real as opposed to “hi-fi” or sterile. We strive to find that area of sound where it becomes blissful and engaging so you actually want to sit hour after hour enjoying your favorite artists.

Since we make our money from our mod “recipe” we do not divulge exactly what we do in the mod. It is our trade secret. You should buy our equipment based on our reviews as well as the sound. One common mistake when evaluating a mod is “parts counting”. As a matter of fact, we can take most products, remove parts, and send it back with less parts and better sound. You are paying for our expertise in knowing where exactly to make changes, not a list of parts we throw inside your unit.

Don’t forget that cables and AC power are often overlooked areas of the audio system. Anyone who says wires don’t make a difference needs to come over for a demo. We offer certain Verastarr high end cables for free with complete system purchases. Also, AC power conditioning and filtering is highly recommended to get the most from your audio system. The micro detail in the sound is where the imaging and depth resides and the image is where the magic is found.

So come along with us, and buy some equipment that will finally take care of the “audio” part of your life. Then you can go ahead and enjoy other hobbies, imagine that!

Standard Policy

All products ordered that are not stock items are considered special order items which means “made to order”. If the piece is in stock this means 48 to 72 hour turn time before shipping. Sometimes we sell out of an item which would add an extra 72 hours or so before receiving our next shipment. Standard “worst case” scenario would be no longer than 10 working days from payment that we would ship. Of course sometimes things happen and manufacturers have backorders, etc. But if this is the case we will notify you and most likely add something for free to your order even though it may not be considered “our fault” technically.

Items are guaranteed against DOA and returns of perfectly working items are subject to a 15% restocking fee. No returns are granted after a 30 day period, although we may agree to buy the item back. In the rare event the item is received “damaged” by the shipping company, you agree to let us have the unit picked up at no charge to yourself to have a damage claim filed. We will go ahead and take care of you immediately, and wait for the claim process ourselves.

Trade-ins are considered, and you can always trade in a HRAM modified unit for the purchase of a new one.