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April Music Aura Note

The Aura Note is the slickest little one box solution we have seen to date.  For someone who just wants a very simple to use, remote controlled stereo system, this is the deal. This is hands down my favorite pick for an office or bedroom system. The Aura Note is used by many audiophiles where space is at a premium, and is also perfect for someone not ready to dive in to the hobby of high-end audio separates. A very small footprint coupled with a smart modern design and just about every feature you can imagine as well as true high end sound make the Aura Note winner.  First off it has a high quality top loader CD transport usually found on players $4K or more.  Second of all there is a 50 wpc mosfet amplifier tucked under the hood. In addition, you get a tuner for radio listening, as well as an input jack for a jump drive to listen to digital music files directly ! There is an analog AUX input so you can add an Ipod, or other source, as well as a USB input to DAC your computer.  I never heard my desktop sound so good ! Even includes a headphone jack and sleep timer.  I simply have never seen such a compact, feature rich, beautiful little piece that sounds this good. If you are buying speakers, we recommend teaming the Aura Note with the Aura Model One speakers since they were created with this system in mind.  The Aura Note is sure to impress even the toughest of critics.

“The long and short of it is, should any of my family members ever ask me for an audio recommendation…I’d point ‘em at the Aura Note. Even if all you did with it was have it sit on your night stand with a pair of ‘phones jacked in, you’d still get your money’s worth. That math works!”

-Srajan Ebaen (2007)

“A tremendously impressive all-in-one system at the price, the Aura note scores on everything from styling, ergonomics and build to sonics, versatility and sheer pride of ownership.”

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