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Denon 3800 BluRay Player

OK, if you have not seen BluRay yet, then let me tell you something. You need it! The difference level is like the difference between VHS and DVD. It is THAT noticeable. This player will also play all your regular DVDs and CDs along with a multitude of other formats. Congratulations to Denon for watching the modders and making significant audio upgrades. We have never heard a stock Denon play audio so well. They even upgraded the master clock!

In our Reference Level version we upgrade some key components in the signal path that really lower noise and give the audio a much more natural sound. It gets rid of the dry digital sound and makes things sound more analog and realistic. This increases the imaging and widens the soundstage.

Reference Level Plus includes internal silver wiring and WBT Nextgen outputs along with a myriad of upgrades to the analog output path. Reference Level Plus will give you a piece that can be used as the sole source component for both high-end audio as well as high-end video. There are few pieces out there that can do both - and this is one of them. Will output 1080P and all the new Hi-Def audio formats via HDMI.

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