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Jolida 1501 RC

The Jolida 1501 RC is a tube hybrid integrated amp with 100Wpc. The mods we perform to this amp are so profound we dont even offer it in stock form due to its poor stock performance (rolled off and closed in).

We actually change the input (tube) circuit to pure triode operation and add gain pots to truly allow us to balance the 2 channels. No 2 vacuum tubes are exactly alike (even matched pairs) so this is a necessity in balancing the 2 channels for the untimate in holographic imaging and spot on instrument placement.

This amp will give you all the power and woofer control of a solid state amp and all the life and liquid midrange of a tube amp. Our Reference mod includes the circuit upgrade along with new Russian tubes, and our Reference Plus adds internal silver wiring along with upgraded input and output jacks to completely transform this piece into a true reference level product.

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