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Jolida 202a

The Jolida 202A is the smallest, best value tube-integrated we sell. It is a 40 W per channel push pull using 2 EL-34’s per side. In our opinion it has the best fit and finish of any of the Jolida product line. Look at the separate transformer covers, and the aluminum paddle knobs. The design almost has an Art-Deco feel to it. There was a lot of attention to detail in this amp, and we love it.

The 202A is perfect for a smaller 2 channel system for an apartment, condo, or office. All the nuance of a larger tube amp in a small, compact, inexpensive package. Expect great tube imaging coupled with the lush, liquid midrange found in EL34 power tubes.

Our Reference Level Mod includes a complete re-cap with high quality film and foil capacitors which smooths the highs and really improves low frequency response. We also clean up the power supply to lower noise floor and free up the fine detail in the music. The rest is our secret. The result is better imaging and pinpoint detail, with expanded low frequency tonality. Reference Level Plus includes a full compliment of Mullard EL-34 tubes in addition to the Jolida tubes and gold pin EH 12AX7’s. This is one of the best bangs for the buck in tube audio today.

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