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Jolida 302-502b

The 302/502 is our best selling tube amplifier. It will drive most any speaker load without breaking a sweat. It is our favorite tube integrated we sell. We start with a 302B and we mod it to be able to use 6550 tubes as well as KT-88 tubes. This gives it the option for the same power as a 502B. If you like to rock out at all then this is our recommendation.

Reference Level includes Recap, power supply, and critical circuit changes. This unit ships with Jolida EL34’s. With Reference Level Plus you get a full compliment of GOLD LION KT88 tubes - the king of KT88, along with additional circuit changes for top level performance. We suggest Reference Level Plus if you like electronic music, rock, or just like to listen to music at louder volume levels. KT88’s have a huge punch in this amp, and our circuit changes open the highs for a clear, detailed top end to compliment the formidable bass power produced in the 502B.

We also bypass the unneeded balance control for a cleaner signal path. Lets just say this amplifier could be the center of your system for a very long time. An absolute bargain at under $2K. Competes with $4K amps easily.

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