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Shanling PCD3000

PCD3000 sitting on top of the Shanling PH300(available separately)

This is the most kick-butt little CD player we have auditioned. All this needed was a little upgrade in the signal path to make it shine like $1K plus players. Not only is this unit incredible sounding but it is right at the $500 price range! There is no better player available for this price in our opinion. We think you will be truly amazed like we were when you hear this little beauty.

Reference Level Plus includes a high quality master clock generator in addition to the key circuit changes. Due to the small size this is perfect for an office or perhaps for the high-end system on your boat. We use one in the main listening room! Truly a high quality piece for an entry level price. Expect smooth character and open airy highs with pinpoint imaging. We also noticed great pace and rhythm as well as low tight bass extension. Comes with remote and headphone output.

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