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Vibration Control

Hot Rod Damping Parts from Verastarr & KTS Price

Verastarr StarrDamp CS

Verastarr StarrDamp CS is a component resonance, and vibration damping material. It is very thin pure copper, with a layer of vibration damping compound. The sheets are adhesive backed for easy application. You simply open up your chassis, and place the sheets wherever there is room to place them on the sheet metal. The added mass will greatly reduce vibration and resonance of the chassis for greater detail in your music.

Try placing your hand on the side of your components while playing music, and feel the vibration in the chassis yourself. Those vibrations degrade low level detail, and “cloud” the sound. By applying StarrDamp CS to the inside of your components, it actually “deadens” the sheet metal from vibration. If you place your hand on your component after the application of StarrDamp CS, you will see there is a profound reduction in vibration.

In addition to the damping properties outlined, StarrDamp CS is superior since the metal used is pure Copper. Copper, as you may or may not know, shields from interference, and is non-magnetic. Some of the worlds highest quality components use an all Copper chassis for this reason. By having any amount of Copper inside the chassis, you reduce the level of interference affecting the electronics.

This kit is more effective than any other damping product we have tested and we have priced it to allow you to treat all your components without breaking the bank.

Two 8 x 12″ Sheets of StarrDamp CS

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