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Wadia 170i iPod/iPhone Transport

Wadia 170i iPod/iPhone Transport

This is one of the coolest little pieces we have seen in a while. This is the only way you are going to get the digital bitstream off your iPod or iPhone.

Why do this? For a better DAC, of course! The small cramped DAC onboard the Apple products is just not up to the task of true audiophile playback in our opinion.

Wadia has been making some of the best sounding DACs in the high-end market for over a decade. To see a Wadia piece for this retail price is unheard of! This is the start of a true audiophile reference solution for playback of your digital files.

Reference Level mod includes critical damping of internal parts and power supply as well as internal DC power supply modifications and top-of-the-line Vampire RCA output jack.

Reference Level Plus also includes the addition of a full master clock upgrade for the lowest jitter possible.

Our mods are very reliable and cost effective. No over-tweaking here. Just the most important modifications for the best price.

For mods to your existing 170i cost is $250 for the Reference Level and $450 for Reference Plus. Turnaround is approximately 3 days. Contact us to get started!

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